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Keep your kids out of the liquor store



I was in a DABC store a few days ago buying wine with my children, aged 7 and 9. My eldest happily pushed the cart around as I loaded it up with Argentine wines.---

The woman at the check out told me that children aren’t allowed to touch bottles or push carts.

For a moment I had a lamentable vision of my child being marched out of the store in tears and handcuffs by an undercover cop for wrapping her little fingers around the neck of a Malbec.

If undercover investigators catch kids touching bottles, the woman continued, it’s the store employees’ who get the DABC’s equivalent of a smacked butt.

I consulted with the DABC’s never less than charming PR Sharon Mackay, who said while there was no written policy, out of concern for personal injury from broken bottles, children were discouraged from touching the merchandise.

While that makes perfect sense, after five years of living in Utah with its byzantine liquor law history, I confess to having second thoughts about letting my kids enter a DABC store again. Just in case they were to encounter an overzealous undercover cop …

Hey it’s Utah, you never know.


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