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Matheson scores against poverty



It's not really fashionable to support Rep. Jim Matheson -- he's not enough of a Democrat for us lefties, and right-wingers blindly consider a D after any congressman or -woman's name to be the Mark of the Beast, making Matheson an enemy of freedom, God and all that is good in the world.

Still, it is worthwhile to note that Matheson is the sole member of Utah's congressional delegation who does anything for the poor. --- According to the National Center on Poverty Law's 2009 scorecard, Matheson received an A for his voting record on poverty-related issues. (Sen. Orrin Hatch got a D; everybody else got an F. Can't take grades like those home to your parents!)

Matheson is soft on health care and many other important issues, but at least he's looking out for the starving children. In this bail-out-the-bankers-and-screw-everybody-else economy, at least it's something.

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