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New Musical Sensation: Sarah Silverman & Demetri Martin



In this week's True TV column, I plugged tomorrow night's third-season premiere of Comedy Central's divinely demented The Sarah Silverman Program--but totally forgot about her lead-in, the second-season premiere of Important Things With Demetri Martin. As usual, it took a music video to jar my memory. ---

Before Sarah spends her episode lamenting the penis she lost at birth and growing a sweet mustache while her gay neighbors dig up the grave of an old man who was killed by a TV remote (did I mention demented?), Demetri's ever-informative Important Things explores the topic of Attention (like, the Attention I tried to pay to Lost last night, but instead concentrated on far simpler quantum theory and the mechanics of shotgunning Olympia beer).

They're a funny duo, but this music video/ad proves that Sarah & Demetri may actually be the next She & Him--which is great, because I'm very much done with the old She & Him ...

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