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CWMA DJ battle had me spinning


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The City Weekly Music Awards/CWMA showcase events began last night at W Lounge with a wildly fun DJ battle that, I'm sure, earned its spot as an instant-classic annual event. I think turnout exceeded organizers' expectations--while I work at City Weekly, I have no hand in CWMA stuff--because around 11 p.m. I was running off to Kinko's to make 400 more copies of the ballots to choose the winner. ---

The five competitors were chosen by City Weekly readers in an online poll. The finalists were DJ JuggyErockalypzeFlash & Flare, and Loki

The winner, as chosen by booty-shaking, sweaty masses at W, was DJ Chase 1-2, aka Chase Loter of 4th Street Music

I wish I had some great DJ jargon to describe the music, but alas. Also, the DJs each did a warm-up set starting at 10, only to rotate through another series of one set each for the official competition at 11:30, so it's pretty jumbled in my head who played which track, who scored that awesome edit, etc. 

The event was packed and sure to be back next year. 

This was my first DJ battle. It helped me to listen a lot closer to the music and to assess it on multiple levels. I've always listened for smooth, surprising, unique--or totally botched--edits, but hearing five DJs back-to-back helps you also contrast varying style. 

Loved it.  Pictures here and here. Hope to see you at it next year.  

But the CWMA music showcases aren't finished, they've only begun! Check it out:


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