Heroes vs. Cake Boss: Who's Coming Back? | Buzz Blog
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Heroes vs. Cake Boss: Who's Coming Back?



Cake Boss, probably--at least we know somebody's watching it. Heroes, not so much. It's the season finale for both shows tonight, and one might not return for another. ---

Heroes star Greg Grunberg thinks NBC won't cancel his once-hot-now-struggling series because tonight's finale "is a cliffhanger," and they wouldn't dare leave the story dangling like that. There's plenty of evidence that Grunberg is familiar with network television, so let's just assume he'd been drinking that day ... all day. In its favor, Heroes does make up for its falling viewership with DVD sales and other post-broadcast fare, and NBC can use all the non-Leno hours they can get right about now.

TLC's Cake Boss cranks out artful creations, but when it comes to the non-cake "reality" required to fill these shows, Food Network's Ace of Cakes ices these Joisey clowns. Duff's Charm City Cakes crew is a likable, fun (if a bit much on the hipster edge) bunch you'd want to hang out with; Cake Boss' Buddy is the only reality star on TV I want to punch more than The Situation--and I really want to punch The Situation.

Speaking of TLC and confections (weren't we?), The Little Chocolatiers (about Salt Lake City's Hatch Family Chocolates) won't be back on the air until Monday, March 29. Try and follow this programming logic: TLC ran a one-hour pilot in late December, then two back-to-back half-hour episodes on Sunday, Jan. 31. Now, The Little Chocolatiers is benched for almost two months. Who's running this network, Jeff Zucker?