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Who's the Sandy library City Weekly thief?


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As a patron of Sandy library and a City Weekly staff writer I usually glance at the free pub rack when I go into the library in search of a foreign novel or to pick up a few more episodes of The Wire, which I’ve finally gotten into. There’s something reassuring to a writer’s fragile ego about seeing your work on public display. But for the last six weeks or so, I’ve noticed that the City Weekly rack is conspicuously lacking in papers.---

The county gym in Sandy also carries the paper, and for the last six months or so someone has religiously put a magazine on top of the pile of City Weekly’s or turned the top one over. The Sandy library situation, however, is a more serious. All of the issues vanish shortly after they are delivered each week—and it’s not just City Weekly. Head librarian Darren Butler told me last week the gay publication Q suffered the same fate.

Butler said he would keep some of each week’s issues in his office and see if the thief strikes again. At the same time, I’d like to issue a simple challenge: whoever has decided that our paper should be thrown out, let’s sit down and debate the theft and the merits of this (or any) newspaper. If you think you can defend such an egregious example of censorship, I’d love to hear it.