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Brie all you can Brie



Lovers of fromage will be happy to learn that the Utah Education Network (UEN) has launched Cheese Science, an online and broadcast program dedicated to all things cheesey and scientific. ---

The broadcast component of Cheese Science airs on Mondays at 8:00 PM (Channels 9.1 DTV/9.1 Comcast Digital/9 or 983 DirectTV/9 or 8541 DISH) and includes 30-minute episodes with topics such as French Camembert, Greek Feta, Italian Pecorno Toscano, Australian Cheese Pioneers, English Farmhouse Cheddar, the Irish Cheese Renaissance, and many more. Each episode takes viewers to different countries to discover the culture, geography and history of various cheeses.

The online compoment of Cheese Science includes cheese facts, links to food science career information, lesson plans for teachers and free interactives such as "Feta Invaders" and "The Cow Bop Game."

I love that UEN seems to have a sense of humor. Along with "Brie all you can Brie," their Cheese Science campaign slogans include "Your weekly homage to fromage," As Gouda TV gets," You Stilton learn a thing or two," Whey better than anything else on TV," and We Camembert to have you watch anything else."

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