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Ever had a homophobic boss/landlord?



Everyone seems to love surveys, at least those of you with enough time at work to waste a little. Which Sex and the City character are you? Apparently, I'm Samantha, with Carrie rising. Put those time-wasting surveys away for a moment, because this one is serious. Equality Utah is kicking off a statewide study and they want your input on housing and employment discrimination and your sexual orientation. ---

From an Equality Utah e-mail to supporters today:  

We know discrimination exists, and we know the Legislature needs statewide information to pass statewide protections.


I'm not sure how much value the results of this "study" will have. Self-report, self-select studies like these don't mean much scientifically. Randomization is no easy ta$k, but it's important if you want to make scientific claims like "XX percent of LGBT Utahns have experienced housing discrimination." Imagine the Sutherland Institute sending out this same survey to its supporters then concluding that--TA DA--there's no homophobia in Utah! 

On the other hand, there's a little place for you to tell your personal story, so they're also collecting anecdotal evidence, randomized sampling be damned. Anecdotes aren't worthless.

Bottom line: surveys are fun!  

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