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Season Finales Tonight: Leverage & Inbetweeners


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While the broadcast TV networks are barely bothering to put anything new up against the Winter Olympics (ever heard of counter-programming, geniuses?), it's business as usual on cable--and two of the better series are signing off for the winter tonight: TNT's Leverage and BBC America's The Inbetweeners. ---

Leverage, a slick A-Team/Ocean's 11 mashup starring Timothy Hutton as the leader of a band of semi-reformed criminals who help The Wronged get revenge on The Man, has become considerably darker in its second season. The ridiculous schemes and funny banter are still in place, but the stakes have gotten higher and ever more dangerous; it's not always as clear the team is going to get out the situations as it was in Season 1. Doesn't help that boss Nathan Ford (Hutton) is back on the booze and increasingly unstable without the grounding of grifter/sorta-girlfriend Sophie (Gina Bellman, absent most of this season due to pregnancy and temped by Jeri Ryan). In tonight's season finale, it's all catching up to him:

Over on BBC America, hilarious British import The Inbetweeners wraps Season (or as they call it, Series) 1--but the wait for new eps is only a week; Season 2 begins next Wednesday. A little Freaks & Geeks, a little Superbad, all funny--American teens don't have a lock on awkward adolescent angst. Observe: