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Sandy library CW thief update



Recent problems at Sandy Library with disappearing copies of City Weekly from the free publication racks aren't necessarily anything new according to Sandy realtor Bob McNary.---

He recalls complaining to the Sandy head librarian years ago about CW not being on the racks. "I believed then and still believe it was an employee," he e-mails.

When he took out a copy of 'Under the banner of heaven' a librarian, he continues "clucked" at him. He complained to then head-librarian Dean, only to be told by someone at the library "It's a free library."

Bob's response was, "Hell no. I paid $150 in property tax for it."

In the library's defense though, I would offer that the first time I encountered a reader of one of my cover stories, it was an enthusiastic female librarian at Sandy. I've also found a number of the librarians always helpful and friendly, not to mention head librarian Darren Butler, who took the intitiative to keep a few copies of the paper aside and fill up the rack each time it was empty.

Finally no response from whomever the lightfingered foe of our paper is, following my invitation to talk over CW's and other publications' merits. Offer still stands of course.