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New Blood


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So.. here we are. Thanks for visiting.---

I will be the editorial intern for City Weekly over the next 13 some odd weeks. As part of my duties I'll be injecting tidbits of news, observations and ramblings into the ether of the Internet. It is my hope, you, the valued reader will gleam insight from future posts and inform my overlords of their and my value. However my fear is that, this blog, like most works published online will merely serve it's author.

Please interject via comments or emails if ever you feel I have become a solipsist and forgotten you.

In any case, allow me 10 sentences to introduce myself.%uFFFD I am fairly simple.

I wait tables on the weekends. I have a mom. Nina Persson is my siren. Some day soon I would like to own a bird, possibly a sparrow. Polygamy runs in my roots. I enjoy handwritten letters. Zines are the best literature. Libraries are my home away from home. Origami interests me. Education and information get me hot.