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Sugar Space: Suite, designer preview



Amelia Whitworth, one of the designers for the Sugar Space presented program Suite, discusses the program and personal goals. --- The focus of Suite, presented by Sugar Space, may be the choreography, but it's evident the designers have put tons of work into this program, too. Amelia Whitworth, the fashion designer working with Ashley Anderson for Suite, running February 25-27, has been designing for seven years and says the time she's put into designing and sewing costumes for Suite has helped her improve her skills hugely in the days leading up to the show as she sews for hours each day. Whitworth's designing career began when she started making quilts with her grandma, eventually moving on to doll attire and a few years later designing many of her own clothes. Now, Whitworth has designed costumes for each of the three pieces choreographed by Anderson and is excited to show off her work in the program featuring women choreographers, dancers and designers. Maybe, she says, designing for programs like Suite will lead her into other ventures, like the TV show Project Runway.

For now, though, Whitworth is focused on Suite and talked about her support of the overall message. "In the dance community there’s this general feeling that women are just dancers- they’re pretty to look at. There’s a lot of sexism. We're trying to show that women can produce a show that’s engaging and high quality in terms of dance and costuming.” Though the theme of female empowerment is especially captured through the focus on the three female choreographers, it's easy to see that fashion design, though most often for women, is frequently designed by men (think Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs...)

The women presenting Suite are making it clear that they're perfectly capable of competing with and/or surpassing the skills of their male peers, whether it be through choreography, dance or design. The three night run of the performance starts Thursday, and if you're looking for anything this weekend featuring strong, talented women it shouldn't be missed.

Suite @ Sugar Space Studio, 616 E. Wilmington Ave., 888-300-7898, Thursday-Saturday, Feb. 25-27, 8 p.m.


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