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Valley spanks CW for future misquote



I work on several cover features at the same time. Currently I'm preparing a story on Taylorsville Justice Court. My cover story after Taylorsville will be on Valley Mental Health. I've been working on it since October when the valley's last mental health services provider first announced its restructuring. Stories I work on occasionally generate controversy even before they go to print. A  few days before a story I did on a Bosnian couple called 'Dream State' ran, I was accused by the owner of a local Balkan eatery of attempting to restart the war.---

But even that palls beside an email I was recently provided with regarding my upcoming - if still some way off - Valley Mental Health story. The email, from a senior management figure to therapists and case managers, begins "It's come to my attention that an article being written for City Weekly has at least one inaccuracy - a quote that I did not say."

The writer does not state what the quote was but I'd like to take the opportunity to set the record straight and assure her I will not misquote her. I will refer strictly to my notes from our conversation, assuming of course that conversation makes it into the story. I am grateful to her though. She has underscored an issue in the story I was only half aware of. Now that I see how important it is, I will pursue it with much more vigor.


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