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TNA vs. WWE: Monday Night Rasslin' Wars Are Back!



Well, not until March 8--the night when hungry upstart Total Nonstop Action Wrestling moves from Thursdays to Mondays to go bulge-to-bulge with bloated corporate greedheads World Wrestling Entertainment for the first such TV face-off since the late '90s, when Ted Turner's now-dead World Championship Wrestling produced Monday Nitro. ---

Tonight marks TNA Impact's final Thursday-night stand on Spike, where it's played to a small-but-loyal audience who've grown tired of the dominant WWE for several years now. Sure, TNA has somewhat of a pro-wrestling retirement-home rep for landing the likes of Kurt Angle, Sting, the Dudley Boys, the Honky-Tonk Man, Mick Foley and, most recently, Hulk Hogan--but it also has an impressive roster of young talent, both male and female. Me, I'm still waiting for the return of Hacksaw Jim Duggan ... sigh.

Going up against WWE Raw is a ballsy move (Tuesdays would have been a safer bet, where TNA could have easily knocked out WWE's lame SyFy entry NXT), but pure attitude may carry 'em over the Vince McMahon empire. Or they'll go down in flames. Either way, great TV!

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