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Four of DJ Bell's Attackers Arrested, Released on Bail


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According to the Facebook group Friends of David James Bell, four of Bell's seven attackers have at last been arrested: Angie DiBella, Marcia Finau, Lulu Latu and Ieti Mageo face charges, along with three other accused assailants who evidently have yet to be apprehended.

Among those still at large is 30-year-old Tapululululu Latu. So please, be on the lookout for Tapululululu. ---

(Or even just say it out loud: "Tapululululu Latu. Tapululululu Latu." It's positively hypnotic! Really quite soothing, actually -- er, at least it would be, hypothetically, as long as she and her friends weren't, say, hypothetically bashing your hypothetically gay face in with a hypothetical beer bottle.) 

All four of those arrested are out on bail. So be careful out there.

Of course, DJ Bell spent weeks in jail before his release, and nothing can compensate for his suffering.

Looks like the wheels of justice are finally starting to turn ... and just in time for election season! Who'da thunk?


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