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In Other Ridiculous News: Big Love



With all of the Oscars and kickin' The Gays outta Zion news, something's been overlooked: Big Love's season finale last night! Guess what? Utah has its first (confessed) polygamist State Senator! How's that for progressive? ---

Yes, in the most ridiculous of Big Love's 82 ridiculous plot lines in an overstuffed Season 4, Bill Henrickson made good on his wacko promise to out his clan after winning the Big Election: "Thanks for your vote, Utah--now here's my wife, my wife and my wife." Of course, they weren't arrested because they had a limo waiting, duh.

Savor this shot of Senator Bill with wives Barb, Nicki (nice hair, girlfriend!) and Margene decked out in red, white and blue from Dillard's. Seriously. How's it all going to resolve next season? Hell, HBO has at least a year and a half to figure that out.