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A good cause proves, again, the inability of Democrats to get anything passed.---

Every year, children around the world spend their Halloween nights soliciting donations of change, not candy, for the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). The money raised helps "save the lives of children, improve their nutrition, help them to attend school, and protect them from exploitation."

That description is not taken from the UNICEF website. It is directly quoted from a resolution recognizing the good work of UNICEF.

A resolution, sponsored by Sen. Luz Robles, D-Salt Lake City, that did not pass. In fact, it not only didn't pass, it didn't even get a committee hearing because the Senate Rules Committee held it for the entire session.

That's right, a bill recognizing the charity work of a well-known and widely-respected children's organization did not even get out of Rules.

So, Robles, ever the determined legislator, decided instead to recognize some U. student for her work in organizing a UNICEF chapter. Because apparently, when the going gets absurdly difficult for the Democrats on Capitol Hill -- seriously, they can't even muster support for this resolution? -- the Democrats capitulate.

Again, dear Democrats, for the sake of competition, at least try to put up a fight. At the very least, don't crow about your failures on your official blog.