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KRCL Spring Radiothon '10: Circus Brown's Not a Sideshow



As always, your Friday-night friend Circus Brown is going pineapples-out for KRCL 90.9's Spring Radiothon (or Radiothong, if you will). The Snackbox is back! ---

The host of Not a Sideshow (the title is back!) features live in-studio performances from local bands a regular basis and, if they don't suck, they eventually make it onto one of his tasty Snackbox compilations. The latest--available for a donation to the station--stars such locals as After the Party, Purr Bats, Laserfang, Musclehawk, Vile Blue Shades and more. This time, however, Circus is going all greeny-digital.

"For a $30 pledge, the donationer [sure, it's a real word] will be mailed this beautiful seeded drop card," he says. "They download the 12 tracks from 11 different bands and the artwork and can put this on their ipad/pod/zune/laptop or burn a CD print up the artwork. Then, the dropcard they were given is bio-degradable, with flower seeds in the paper. You tear it up, plant it in the yard or a pot and plants grow out of the spent card. This the greenest album I could possibly make."

Circus Brown's Not a Sideshow is on tonight, 8-10:30 p.m., on KRCL 90.9 FM and Pledge online or by calling 801-359-9191/800-359-9191 and get a local-music comp fit for a hippie.


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