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Tapping into 1842



I got a note from Pete Petras at Bohemian Brewery saying that they are tapping their new 1842 Czech Pilsner today, at 7:00 PM. ---

According to Pete, "This Pilsner is a recreation of the original Pilsener by the Bavarian brewer Josef Groll (1813 – 1887).  We made this beer in conjunction with Weyermann Malts.  Aging it 3 months and sending it off to this year's World Beer Cup. This beer was originally a breakthrough using new techniques and the newly available paler malts, presenting Josef's first batch of modern pilsener on 5 October 1842. Thus, the name of our beer. The combination of pale colour from the new malts, Pilsen's remarkably soft water, Saaz noble hops from nearby Datec (Saaz in German) and Bavarian-style lagering produced a clear, golden beer which was regarded as a sensation."

Hey, who needs green beer for St. Paddy's day when you can have Pilsner!

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