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As of Friday's filing deadline, less than a dozen legislative incumbents had opted out of another term.---

All of the senators up for re-election filed for another four-year term, and only about 10 representatives did not file. Most notable among those are Christine Johnson, one of only two (currently open) gay legislators, ethics champion Sheryl Allen, voice of TRAX Phil Riesen, and Al Gore-hater Kerry Gibson.

As everyone will remember forever, House Majority Leader Kevin Garn, R-Layton, resigned March 13 after admitting to hot-tubbing naked with a 15-year-old girl when he was 30 and subsequently paying her $150,000. Thus, his seat is wide-open.

There are a couple of recognizable names throwing their hats back into the political ring. Patrice Arent, who served in the House and won a memorable upset over former Senate Majority Leader Steve Poutlon, is seeking to replace Riesen in the House. And Mike Thompson, a representative who was a Gayle Ruzicka darling, is seeking to take back the seat he once held from the retiring (for now, right?) Lorie Fowlke.

Here is the list of incumbents who have not filed for re-election, as of the 5 p.m. filing deadling Friday and according to the Utah Elections Office website:

  • Fred Hunsaker (R)


  • Kerry Gibson (R)


  • Brent Wallis (R)


  • Doug Aagard


  • Sheryl Allen


  • Christine Johnson


  • Phil Riesen


  • Lorie Fowlke


  • Steve Clark

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