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Garn: Useful as a Campaign Tactic



On the eve of local party precinct caucuses, Ben Winslow of Fox 13 drops the bomb of Kevin Garn's never-reported 2006 DUI conviction.

--- In the Fox 13 story, Salt Lake City prosecutor Sim Gill is interviewed and breaks down Garn's charges for viewers. Gill happens to be one of two Democrats running for Salt Lake County District Attorney.

Kevin Garn's attorney at that time (as noted in the Fox 13 report) was Greg Skordas, who happens to be the other Democratic candidate for County District Attorney.

And after the Democratic caucus/state convention/primary dance, only one of the two will be left standing to run against Republican incumbent Lohra Miller.

So, assuming this "surprise" story tip is actually someone's campaign tactic, who is gaining and who is losing ground? Skordas is probably losing since the story associates him with successfully defending a "bad" Republican, i.e., Garn (and those with good memories will recall he also defended and helped acquit former Salt Lake County Mayor Nancy Workman in 2005 of misusing public money).

Plus, Sim Gill is gaining face time with TV viewers as well as ink on the eve of the mass meetings. Skordas: no face, no ink, no comment.

So did someone from Gill's camp give the tip to Winslow? Seems pretty likely.

But then again, it could have been the Republican contender, Lohra Miller, because--if Skordas loses at state convention, and remember, delegates will be chosen at tomorrow's caucuses--she may feel she can beat Sim Gill, since she defeated him once before in 2006.

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