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A peek into the mind of a Hill Air Force Base employee


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At the end of December, there was a curious e-mail exchange at Hill Air Force Base, where, among other things, F-16 fighters are repaired and returned to combat. Capt. Jason Evans advised HAFB workers that "active duty" employees were required to receive H1N1 vaccine. A female employee wrote back in a base-wide e-mail that "I truly believe by getting the H1N1 vaccine [it will] damage your DNA."---

She accused unidentified pharmaceutical companies of not wanting "us healthy." She claimed to have proof that "African Green Monkey's DNA" is included in the vaccine. A mandatory vaccine was "like giving all of you an early death sentence and possible chronic diseases."

As the e-mail progresses, the tone becomes even more disturbing. "Our media is controlled by Big Pharma. There is a push for depopulation of the entire world."

A call to a base public information officer requesting information on the e-mailer, the base's response to the e-mail and its concerns went unanswered.




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