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Emigration Market Closing



A long-time Salt Lake City market will close its doors early next month.---

On April 3, the Emigration Market will close its doors for good. The closing was made official Monday, when the attached cafe closed, and it became apparent that the market was going to follow close behind.

The reasons are mostly economic, even if some people want to believe that various boycotts against the store have had an impact. In reality, as finances have tightened for many, many people in the last few years, the top-shelf groceries and old-fashioned service did not fit, as well, into family budgets. That's a personal observation, because I love shopping at Emigration but have had to scale back the luxury purchases in the past couple of years. But I have a lot of friends that say the same thing, and Martin also told me a couple of months ago when I wrote a "Miss" on the potential closing that he's seen that pattern in his business.

It's always sad to see a locally-owned business go away, especially one that is an integral part of a neighborhood. Even if Martin was outspoken on issues, he should not be faulted. After all, that's what being part of an active democracy is all about, right?


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