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More Beer! More Beer!



A new Utah brewery gets worty.---

A building that once housed pretty awesome pho and later was a used car lot (!) has now become, officially, the latest Utah microbrewery. Epic Brewing has been renovating and building infrastructure for a few months now in the building on State Street between 800 South and 900 South*, so the fact they are coming is not news. However, last week they received their final needed permit from Salt Lake City, and yesterday ... well, I'm going quote Utah's uber-beer blogger, Mike Riedel:

By the time most of you read this Epic Brewing Company's brewhouse will be online making their first beer. Their first beer brewed will be a yet-to-be-named India Pale Ale. The first of three different IPA's to be exact.

Mike goes on to describe how the brewery will operate: primarily as a beer store, which is great in my world because it is a short bike ride (or walk) from my house, and even on my way home from work (a dangerous proposition for a starving journalist).

An interesting approach by Epic is that all of their beers will be over 4% abv, meaning none of it is Utah beer. So, at least for now, all of it will have to be bottled (although it's probably a decent gamble because I would bet that in a year or two, the Legislature approves heavy beer on tap).

Anyhow, happy Friday! Cheers! * Originally, I listed this as between 600 & 700 South.