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Slowtrain Becomes A Label


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Chris and Anna Brozek have done so much for the local music community, its insane to list it all. ---Aside from prominently featuring locals and turning the small Broadway store into THE hub for all things indie, the two have become community leaders almost overnight and have given our music scene a jolt of energy it was starting to lack just five years ago. So what would be the next step for them? How about starting their very own record label?

In a press release so fresh today that the damn ink hasn't dried yet, the two will be starting Slowtrain Records, taking from the store's own namesake, focusing on local releases from musicians and bands of every stripe. In fact the first release will be the upcoming full-length album from The Devil Whale this fall, due to be a vinyl pressing. Slowtrain will also be working with
Advanced Media Solutions to “create many local limited-edition Record Store Day releases that celebrate the region’s thriving, vibrant scene and, perhaps, introduces it to a broader audience.”

Speaking of Record Store Day, while the final lineup (which by word of mouth already sounds exciting) is being finalized, Slowtrain has other major plans in mind. Including opening up the Subterranean Lounge, a temporary relaxing bar where Signed & Numbered used to be, where customers can chill out between acts. And if the photos I've seen are any indication, this will be the awesome place to hang out this year. Not to mention working with The Junior League of Salt Lake City to support their causes, who will also be at Record Store Day handling catering and a raffle with prizes from local artists and businesses.%uFFFD Not every detail is finalized, but if these two have anything more to say about it, you can bet exciting things are still in store...


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