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Getting ready for Red Butte's summer concerts



The lineup for arguably—hell, not even arguably—the best summer concert venue in Salt Lake City has been trickling out in dribs and drabs: Brandi Carlile July 11, Chris Isaak August 10, Willie Nelson in early September. But what else is in store?---

Red Butte's Chris Mautz is keeping the full lineup close to the vest until Red Butte members get an email blast Wednesday morning, but he gave me a little sneak peak at the list, and suffice to say, there's a little something for everybody.

The Red Butte schedule features more than 20 concerts for the upcoming season. You might have heard about the Doobie Brothers, and Joan Baez (who claimed to be retiring from performing), and there are some other familiar names that you'd probably be able to guess if you've paid attention to Red Butte's lineup in recent years.

I told Chris I'd keep the list under my hat until Wednesday, when you can check back here for the full lineup. But I'm not above dropping some hints.

There will be some Canadians involved, as well as Irishmen. There are both wild and crazy acts, and sometime maniacs. There are stone-cold legends already in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and a slate of younger acts that will bring a party vibe to the amphitheatre. And judging by the list I'm looking at, the artists are split nearly 50/50 male/female.

Besides the Red Butte lineup, the Park City Performing Arts Foundation is prepping to release its summer slate for Deer Valley, and the Salt Lake City Arts Council says the Twilight Concert Series lineup will be public by mid-April. And you can expect United Concerts Usana Amphitheatre to fill in its lineup that so far includes Kings of Leon (July 19), Sting (June 10), 311 and The Offspring (July 21) and, ugh, John Mayer (August 31).



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