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Judge Dread update



Jessica Deuel went to court today to find out her fate. She's appealing Taylorsville justice court's Judge Michael Kwan's decision to sentence her to a third year of treatment and probation ---after having done two years under the supervision of Judicial Supervision Services.

Deuel's story was told in a recent City Weekly cover story, Judge Dread.

She took today off from the Bountiful Subway franchise where she was recently promoted to night manager to attend West Jordan 3rd District Court, only to find out she had to apply for a public defender, something she thought she already had from her last visit in March. "I have to go through this again?" she said. "I swear to God I'm never going to get this thing over with."

Deuel told Judge Robert Atkins she was filing for bankrupcy. Atkins appointed her a legal defender. Then Taylorsville prosecutor Jeremy Eveland spoke up. He said he understood Deuel had been in treatment for over a year and that once her defender had the paperwork demonstrating that, "I think we can close this case."

A preliminary hearing is set for May 10.

Deuel went home relieved the two-year-plus saga with Taylorsville justice court, which started after a domestic violence incident with her boyfriend, was finally almost at an end. She planned to get onto Subway's online university program to prepare for her new position and wondered how to explain to her boss she'd have to take yet another day off work. "He ain't going to be happy," she said.