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President Barack Obama can guarantee hospital visitation rights for same-sex couples? Yep. Can, and did. ---

Yet more of those presidential cojones we spent most of 2009 waiting to see. I'm liking this improved 2010 Obama a lot.

Still, seeing as how the Associated Press is reporting a poll estimating President Barack Obama's approval numbers at a "new low" of 49%, is it time for the Democratic Party to enter panic mode and shatter into myriad fragments of frightened self-preservation?

This strategy of disintegration was the familiar custom of Congressional Dems in the pre-Obama era, even though everybody knows splintering the party carries a double jinx: Not only does it hand over control of the political discourse to any sufficiently disciplined group of lock-step liars trained in the skill of keeping a straight face no matter what delusional obloquies they're parroting -- but also (let's face it) a spooked Democrat is simply not a pretty sight.

When rattled, pre-Obama liberals tended to become academic, relying on "facts" and "peer-reviewed research" -- as if logic is of any use in an argument against a deranged zealot who believes school lunch is a token of the Fourth Reich.

So, no, Congressional Democrats: Now is not the time to fall apart. We were all very proud of you when you managed to get it together last month -- suddenly the Democratic Party was vital and effective again! -- and, if you can stay focused and keep producing results, we'll show up at the polls to vote for the guys and gals who are getting things done on the Hill.

As for Obama's Associated Press numbers dropping below that scary 50% line -- did you see a margin of error reported in that story? I didn't. (Also, to keep things in perspective, Obama's still doing better in his Fifth Quarter than the sainted Ronald Reagan.)

If the president's numbers have dropped slightly, it's not a sign that he's on the wrong track. It means he's been spending some political capital in order to fix our nation's problems. That's what political capitol is for. Now, it's up to Congressional Democrats to stick together and support him with a united, optimistic voice -- that's how you defeat lock-step liars.

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