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Free Comic Book Day: Your Utah Guide


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I'm sure I need not explain this to the comic book fans out there, but for those of you not completely in the know, here's a quick tutorial. ---%uFFFD Free Comic Book Day is an event held on the first Saturday of May every year (tomorrow) where most every comic book store in the nation will hand out specially made books for the day to anyone who comes in. Aside from obviously trying to get you hooked on comics, the event itself is made to promote reading with kids and teenagers through a medium they'd grasp more easily than say, Fahrenheit 451 or The Catcher In The Rye. Now on top of this event, certain stores will go the extra mile by bringing in artists and writers, as well as other members of the comics community for people to check out and chat with. Problem is, Utah doesn't have a lot. In fact, aside from Chad Hardin's appearance at Comics Plus in St. George, only FOUR stores along the Wasatch Front will be doing anything beyond handing out the free books. So for your benefit, here is the complete guide (or as close to complete as it will get as of 5PM on Friday) to Free Comic Book Day in Utah. And if you're any kind of a true geek, you'll fill the gas tank and visit all four.

Dragon's Keep: 260 North University Avenue, Provo

This year Dragon's Keep will have special creator guests! Those guests are:

Travis Walton
Mandy MacMurray
JJ Harrison
Phillip Sevy
Jesse Smart Smiley

Their works include: Iron Man, Superman, Teen Titans, Batman, Justice League of America, Aspen Seasons, Bam Pop Productions, Heartless Dark, Top Shelf Comix and more! The creators will arrive at approximately 10AM. Prior to Free Comic Book Day, Dragon's Keep will have prize tickets available!%uFFFD With any purchase you make at Dragon's Keep you will receive%uFFFDone prize ticket that will enter you into a drawing for comic book and gaming prizes at the store!%uFFFD With every%uFFFDadditional $10 purchase you make you will receive an additional prize ticket!%uFFFD This year's prizes will be for both comic%uFFFDbook and gaming fans!%uFFFD Prizes%uFFFDwill%uFFFDstart to be handed%uFFFDout at 10AM!%uFFFD Prize tickets will be%uFFFDdrawn every half hour!

Black Cat Comics: 2261 South Highland Drive, Sugar House

Black Cat Comics will have on hand local artists Chris Hoffman and Derek Hunter, signing books and doing sketches all day.

Dr. Volts Comic Connection: 2043 East 3300 South, Holiday

We at Dr. Volts Comics want to spread the word that comics are perfect for today’s times. Comic books and graphic novels are considered hip, hot and smart.” Comic Books have propelled to the front ranks of pop culture, many being adapted into movies. The first weekend of May is going to be a big day in the comic book world. This year we will be having a storewide sale all day on Saturday.%uFFFD We will also be having a special appearance by the Mandalorian Mercs costume club from 11AM-3PM. More information about their organization can be found at We are also teaming up with the Eagle Mountain public library to promote Free Comic Book Day.

Night Flight Comics: 6222 South State Steet & 210 East 400 South, Salt Lake City

X-Men Writer Chris Claremont at Library Square

The central theme of Claremont’s X-Men stories is prejudice. The X-Men are blessed and cursed with genetic mutations; some with visible differences, some not so visible. Claremont portrays the mutant experience as no one has, with parallels to our own human experience. His initial unbroken 17-year run on the X-Men is the stuff of industry legend. His run culminated with the launch of the new title, X-Men, whose first issue sold over 7.6 million copies, a record that stands today. In total, Claremont has sold in excess of 500,000,000 comics worldwide including work on Aliens Vs Predator, Sovereign Seven, Star Trek and many more. His X-Men story, “Dark Phoenix,” with its radical treatment of the story’s central character, paved the way for reinterpretation of the superhero mythos throughout the industry.

Artists at Library Square on Free Comic Book Day

1-3PM — Comic book artists and writers will be in front of%uFFFD The City Library auditorium to autograph comics and do sketches for kids!
3-4PM — Mutants Unite! X-Men Godfather, Chris Claremont discusses his writing, X-Men and the mutant experience in The City Library Auditorium. (To win free tickets RSVP
4-6PM — Artist signing session with Chris Claremont (X-Men Forever), and local artists: Bill Galvan (Archie, Simpsons), Patric Reynolds (Hellboy), Jake Black (TMNT, Supergirl), and Quinn Johnson (Rune Stone).
6-7PM — Dewey Lecture: “My Life in Comics” by Chris Claremont.%uFFFDBroadcast live from The City Library Auditorium%uFFFD (open seating)