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GOP Convention: Speech Updates



Cherilyn Eagar gives best speech of Senate candidates. It is enough to get her through?---

The U.S. Senate candidates wrapped up their speeches right before noon, closing out with a fiery speech from Eagar, who is considered the fourth place candidate. However, after her speech, that could change.

Mike Lee also delivered a strong speech, although it hit on the points which have made him a front runner for a couple of months: protect the Constitution, shrink government, control spending.

Sen. Bob Bennett was introduced by Mitt Romney, but it may not have been enough to get him out of convention. His speech was the most direct plea to send him back, focusing more on what Utah would lose if he isn't elected than what is gained by sending him back.

Tim Bridgewater, who is hoping to win enough second-choice votes to get him into a primary against Lee, gave a pretty standard version of his stump speech. When compared to Eagar's passion, it was underwhelming. But he probably wins at least a few delegates because he is conservative without wanting a complete revolution.

As for Eagar's speech, she opened with a story about a boy carrying a globe around with him, which she used as a metaphor for the importance of caring for the world for the future. Believe it or not, it actually worked well. After that, she launched into a string of phrases that got the crowd fired up: a second Reagan revolution, stopping illegal immigration, and so forth. She got the most enthusiastic cheers, although not an overwhelming number of standing delegates during her ovation.

Ballots are being counted as I write, so keep your eyes peeled here. Will hyperlink in post as I get time. You can also follow my live tweets from GOP convention @joshloftin.



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