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Carl Wimmer: Launch Operation Chaos



Rep. Carl Wimmer urges people to vote for Claudia Wight.---

On his Facebook page today, the proud founder of the Patrick Henry Caucus, told people to turn out in droves and support Wright in the Democratic primary on June 22. Wright, of course, is challenging Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah.

OK, Time for opperation chaos Utah style. Utah Democrats have an open primary election, so EVERY Republican in the Utah 2nd Congressional District needs to go and vote for Claudia Wright against Matheson. She is very liberal, and would give Morgan Philpot an almost certain victory in that district.

Wimmer's suggestion spawned a wild discussion, with people applauding his "lack of integrity" and others telling supporters of Tim Bridgewater to vote for Wright.

The reason for the latter suggestion? If people voted in the Democratic primary, they could not vote in the Republican primary. That was a problem that Wimmer acknowledged late in the discussion, when he said that "Operation Chaos" was merely a fantasy.

In a subsequent Facebook status update, Wimmer used ALL CAPS to emphasize that he did not want to people to do something that lacked integrity.

To my friends: Let me be VERY clear so there is no misunderstanding. I do NOT advocate voting in anyway other than as your PRINCIPLES dictate. I vote by principle in the legislature, and expect you to do the same at the ballot box. I believe Morgan Philpot can win against either Democrat this year!

To help people understand the upcoming primaries, here are basic rules for Utah's primaries:

  • If you live in 2nd District and are either a Democrat or unaffiliated voter, you can vote in the primary. This is called an "open primary."
  • If you live anywhere in the state of Utah, you can vote in the Senate race ... as long as you're a registered Republican. This is a "closed primary."


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