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Shrek 4: And the Title Is ...?



The working title was Shrek Goes Fourth. Then there were posters announcing The Final Chapter. Then promotional materials announced Shrek Forever After. And all the while, TV ads continue to announce Shrek: The Final Chapter. So what gives? ---

It is indeed Shrek Forever After, according to a regional publicist for DreamWorks Animation. No one seems entirely clear why so many commercials still promote the Final Chapter subtitle, though it appears unlikely to confuse anyone going to the theater to see the new Shrek movie. And it's hardly the first time that a franchise sequel was undergoing tweaks at the 11th hour; in 2003, the X-Men follow-up X2 abruptly acquired the sub-title X-Men United after concerns that it wouldn't be clear the movie was about the X-Men. But you still won't see the X-Men United subtitle anywhere on screen if you catch the film on TV or DVD, suggesting that even those editing the film weren't part of the marketing decision. We'll see what title appears on screen when Shrek: Whatever the Hell It's Called hits theaters May 21.