Why does the Trib headline writer hate the Jazz? | Buzz Blog
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Why does the Trib headline writer hate the Jazz?



Really, who is the prick that has to write a headline the day of Game 4 that read “All Hope is Lost” and then follows it up with the online headline today that reads “Yep, Hopeless: Jazz Swept Away by Lakers”---

OK, so granted no team in NBA history has ever come from a three game losing streak to win a series, but still? Really? There was no way the headline writer at the Trib could dial down the withering pessimism?

The “All Hope is Lost” headline was one thing, but today’s online headline “Yep, Hopeless” reads almost like a smug rejoinder.

Anyone watching the game last night may have caught the pre-game interview with Carlos Boozer where reporters asked him about the pessimistic headline.

“Who wrote that?” Boozer shot back angrily, like he was going to slap the reporter if he was there in attendance.

I mean c’mon, Utah’s paper of record really has to proclaim the series DOA for the hometown team? And then just rub in the agony of the loss with a smartass follow-up headline?

Congratulations, you were right—the Jazz lost. But you shouldn’t tell us hope is lost before the final buzzer, and you sure as shit shouldn’t celebrate it the next day with a smarmy online headline. C’mon dude.

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