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Law & Order (Original Flavor) Canceled!



After 20 years on the air (and about 20 rerun hours a day on cable), NBC has canceled Law & Order. Who's Sam Waterston going to chew out every week now? ---

L&O was set to break Gunsmoke's record of longest-running drama in TV history, if it returned next season--but nooo. Sure, you still have Special Victims Unit, Criminal Intent and the upcoming Los Angeles edition (wasn't that Dragnet?), but seeing DA Cutter get yelled at by McCoy (Waterston) every Monday night on the original is/was oddly comforting: "You fucked up again! The perp is going to walk!" If he can keep his job, any of us can.

Other far-less-surprising cancellations this week include The Sarah Silverman Program (Comedy Central), Z-Rock (IFC) and, biz buzz has it, Heroes (also NBC). Sarah, you'll be missed most of all--even though Season 3 was spottier than a leopard's vagina (as she might say). Where else will we learn important lessons like, jam bands suck without drugs?

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