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Shaking in Your Seat



In their ongoing efforts to get us back out to the multiplex and away from our TV screens, distributors have spent a lot of time and money pushing 3-D and digital projection. The latest develoment? Turning your theater seat into an amusement park ride. ---

D-BOX has developed a technology that allows "motion seating" for theatrical films: bumping and jostling viewers in synchronization with the on-screen action, a la Disneyland's "Star Tours" attraction (if to a lesser degree). Next week, Megaplex Theatres' South Jordan 20-screen theater will become the first Utah theater to debut the feature, as 28 seats will be available to patrons when Disney's Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time opens on May 28. The lobby will feature a kiosk allowing attendees to "test-drive" the seats, which allow individual viewers to either crank up or tone down the motion to their specific preference.

Publicity materials have offered press a chance to try out the seats for informational purposes. More information to come ...

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