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JimMatheson.org owner supports Philpot for Congress


No one has identified the authors of the much-discussed JimMatheson.com -- which instructs readers to vote for Matheson's primary challenger, Claudia Wright -- but the registrant of JimMathson.org tells City Weekly that he supports the Republican candidate for Utah House District 2, Morgan Philpot.---

The registrant of JimMatheson.org is Mark Hopkins, of Salem, Utah. The site is empty, for now.

I don't own JimMatheson.com. I haven't decided what I want to do with JimMatheson.org at this point. I'm not a fan of Matheson and would rather seen Morgan Philpot become our next Representative.

According to DomainTools, Hopkins may also be the registrant for 174 other sites, but you have to pay $358.98 to review the list. That's not quite in my blog investigations budget. Anyone want to sponsor the inquiry?

On a side note, JimMatheson.net appears to%uFFFDbe available in case you're doing some early Christmas shopping for anyone named Jim Matheson--or anyone who opposes anyone named Jim Matheson.

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