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Local Releases: Reviver, Red Bennies



Coming to the end of May, two local releases make their way into the public. --- One of which we already chatted about last month as Red Bennies finally and officially hold their release show for Glass Hands, as mentioned in our Music Picks this week. Click on over here if you'd like to read about that album and what the band went through during that time. Meanwhile tonight over at Kilby Court sees the release show and tour send off for Reviver. The group recently departed the ever unstable Exigent Records to hook up with New York based State Of Mind Records for their new EP, Potential Wasteland. Listening to the two whole tracks available, they've still got the screaming hardcore down, with a little growth and experience behind the noise. But not enough to really measure how far they've come, however its a nice companion piece to their 2008 full-length, Versificator. You can catch the group tonight before they head out playing with Caravels, Despite Despair, The Lionelle and Damir Hara. Show kicks off at 6PM for just $6.


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