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New Trailer: Weeds Season 6


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It's another one of those cryptic preview trailers that doesn't spill many details--but Mary Louise-Parker looks so damned hot in this new Showtime promo for Weeds, don't really care.---

In Season 6 (premiering Aug. 16), Terminator's Linda Hamilton is joining the cast for a multi-ep arc, but that looks like the least of the changes coming for Nancy Botwin (Parker). Weeds has evolved way beyond the original pot-dealing-MILF-in-the-suburbs premise; if you watched the first season, skipped the rest and came back to it now, you wouldn't recognize it as the same series. Celia (Elizabeth Perkins) is now off the show, Nancy's son killed the woman pulling the strings on her Mexican drug lord "husband" (with a croquet mallet, natch) and, inferred in the clip below, said hubbie Esteban may not be long for Weeds world, either. Sheesh.

But, again, I'll overlook even the most ridiculous plot twists when Parker is involved ...


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