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Gorilla-strength sustainability



Local entrepreneurs offer serious green home-building innovation with Gorilla Design. An up and coming home design combing ancient world principles and modern energy conservation ideas.---

There’s green and then there’s gorilla-strength green. Check out these local innovators to see how a home can be built in such a way that five kilowatts of solar panels and 9 solar-thermal panels can power a 4,000 square foot house.

Other mockups the company offers include homes with unique ideas like roof top balconies—an idea borrowed from hanging garden designs of the ancient world. These time-honored designs are then built from modern materials like “papercrete”—a composite of shredded paper and Portland cement. Take this mix and coat it over durable, earthquake-proof shipping containers and you’ve got simple, ergonomic and eco-efficient living space. Add to that features like integrated greenhouses that can provide fresh air and fresh produce year round, rainwater harvesting components and other options and your looking at a blue print for a bold, green, future.