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Miss City Weekly 2010 is Drew Landerman!



In 2004, Ana Matronic of the Scissor Sisters paused the show at Liquid Joe's to compliment a tall drink of glittery water with blonde hair. "What are you doing in Utah? You're too fabulous," she said. "Get thee to New York City!" ---We're glad Drew Landerman keeps zer stinger in our beehive, however, because last night "the Drewnicorn" was named Miss City Weekly 2010.

Landerman won $1,000 in prizes--thanks to sponsors u•lys•ses, City Homes, and Dogmode--and will be the star of City Weekly's float in the Utah Pride Parade Sunday.

Originally from Sandy, Landerman first did drag at the wee age of 5 years old.

I was one of the judges of last night's pageant and was happy to see Landerman win. More than any other contestant, Landerman had the crowd sharing a universal smile that stretched from one side of Circle Lounge's patio to the other. A performance featuring gigantic, unbridled tits bouncing to the beat will do that, I guess.

photo by Niki Chan Wylie

Always gracious, the dragon thanked zer critics via Twitter. "I WON!!!! take that haters posting anonymous comments online! this androgenous tranimal took the crown... xoxoxoxo."

If Miss City Weekly should become unable to fulfill her duties throughout the next year, Miss Champagne Starr is waiting in the wings, as first-runner up. The dragon with a heart of gold, Miss Nikki Steele, of Roy, was selected by online readers as their favorite.

Again, thanks to our sponsors--u•lys•ses, City Homes, and Dogmode--for their generous sponsorship of the first-ever Miss City Weekly Pride Pageant.

Let pride weekend begin!