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Immigration and Food Stamps



Tonight the Utah Department of Workforce Services is hearing public comment on a proposed rule reducing benefits for families that include individuals who can’t or won’t produce immigration documents.---

This issue should draw some interesting comments. On the one hand advocates would argue that undocumented immigrants should not receive food stamp benefits. On the other some would argue that denying this service to such a vulnerable population lacks compassion and doesn’t address the larger issue. It also raises the question of whether or not a family that may have some undocumented members should not receive the same amount of benefits. Is that an easy distinction to justify? Is it OK if half a family lacks papers? What if it’s one member of the family, should the rest of the family be penalized? Or is the burden so bad for taxpayers that any potential assistance to undocumented immigrants is too much?

If you’ve got thoughts or opinions on the subject be sure to show up and speak out: Tonight at 1385 S. State, June 8, from 5-6 p.m.

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