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The sly genius of Claudia Wright's campaign signs



Citizen’s candidate Claudia Wright’s campaign logo is a work of art designed to steal votes from conservative to moderate voters.---

Allow me to explain. If this election could be decided by a logo it would be Wright’s. Let’s start with the choice of animal—an effin’ seagull! Genius! By spurning the image of a donkey, Wright sidesteps the image that triggers the thought “ass” in most Utahns’ minds. Instead, she appropriates the image of Utah’s famed winged savior, the majestic garbage-eating seagull. The bird that’s early diet—pre-landfills in Utah—consisted mainly of the plague of crickets that ravaged the crops of early Mormon pioneers in 1848. The bird's buffet of this infestation of Biblical proportions spared the early saints from certain famine.

Now to the color Scheme. Maybe it’s just me, but if you kind of look at this logo like a Magic Eye puzzle, and let your focus diffuse over the whole logo. The thing that’s most prominent to me isn’t the word “Democrat” but the word “Right” and the letter “W.” “W” of course, harkening back to beloved ol’ George dubya. The gone, but not forgotten, cowboy president that knew how to deficit spend and increase the size of the federal government, and do it in the name of freedom, dadgummit!

Then of course “right.” As in…well, take your pick. Right-wing, right-leaning, right choice, choose the right, etc… Then there’s “For Utah”—bold and red. Enough said for Utah politics. The only thing left is the bottom line which subtly suggests there is only one Democrat for congress and it is Wright. An excellent finish to the logo that evokes the sympathy of most all good, god-fearing conservative voting saints of our fair state.

Too bad that…you know. She’s a lesbian, democrat running for office in Utah. Still. It’s a hell of a logo.