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9 Republicans for Claudia Wright--so far/not really



Political activist George Zinn, of Salt Lake City, stopped by to promote his movement of Republicans supporting Claudia Wright. But... he doesn't actually support Wright, and... it's not really a movement yet because... it's only nine people.---

He wants more, of course. You can join them on Facebook.

Zinn took this baton from Rep. Carl "Operation Chaos" Wimmer, R-Herriman, who suggested via Facebook that Republicans in the 2nd Congressional District should forgo their vote in the Republican primary to instead vote for Democrat Claudia Wright over incumbent Democrat Jim Matheson. You can only vote in the Republican, or the Democratic primary, you see, not both. And while you have to swear an oath to the GOP to vote in the Republican primary, the Dems will take anyone--even Zinn and his eight Republican friends. But Wimmer quickly backtracked after accusations that the cross-over is unethical.

Ethical, smethical, says Zinn-- Bring on the chaos!

"I'm still going forward with it and I don't care if it alienates me in the party," Zinn said, moments ago. 

Zinn's view is that there is something slightly unethical about what he's proposing, but that the ends justify the means. "Principled politics? Gosh, were the Democrats ethical when they got Obama?" A glib complaint about ACORN "stealing votes" followed that claim (I'm ethically bound to fact-check that claim, but what an info-quagmire. Ugh. Let me just put it this way: there were illegal irregularities at ACORN, but no evidence has ever surfaced that they had an impact on the 2008 election--at least not to my knowledge [yell at me in comments, if you must!]).

Anyway, back to our story.

Zinn wants 2nd District Republicans to forgo their vote in the GOP primary because regardless of whether it's Tim Bridgwater or Mike Lee for the Senate seat, that race "will take care of itself." By that he means that either one of those guys who seem to love the Constitution more than their wives will thwomp the Democratic candidate Sam Granato (who, by the way, rode alone in a car in the Gay Pride parade and didn't even have supporters walking around him--anyone got a photo of that?).

To top it off, Zinn doesn't actually support Wright. He only supports her inasmuch as he believes she will be easier for the Republican candidate, Morgan Philpot, to defeat her. He makes this conclusion based on Wright's views, which are more liberal than Matheson's, and he also happened to mention that she's a lesbian, naturally. 

Money quote:

"I think Morgan [Philpot] is principled ... but I don't think he can run against Matheson and his money and his political machine," he said. "It's time we take back that seat."

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