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Local Releases: Dry Lake Band, Dacho


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Two local releases hit the scene this week, one far up north and another in Murray. --- So let's start off with the one from today as the group Dry Lake Band put out their new album. The little bluegrass five-piece that could up in Logan have gained a nice following around the state, mainly on the festival circuit, and have managed to fair pretty well with their unique take on the genre as they mix in jazz and even rock into the mix. We don't have artwork at the moment for the self-titled release as they were literally finishing it all the way until today. But you can check the group out today at 4:30PM as part of Logan's Summerfest, which will serve as their release show. And if today is too soon for you, they'll also be playing the Art On The Lawn fest up there on the 26th. Both shows are free to attend.

Then this Saturday sees the newest release from Dacho! Not a lot has been heard from these guys since they released Below The Belt two years ago, they seem to have strictly been sticking to minor gigs. But from the utter darkness and near obscurity, Doc & Chief come back with the full-length release, Waiting For The World To End. About the only thing available for listening are a couple of clips on MySpace, which for what its worth, sounds a lot better than some funk-rock around. Not to mention some damn funny lyrics if you're paying attention. You can catch them at 5 Monkeys on the 19th with yet to be named guests. $5 at 9PM.

Head out, love music, buy local.



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