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Corporations Are People, Too


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 ... They're very special people, like small children or the mentally impaired, who shouldn't be held accountable for their own mistakes.


Instead, when an oil company fucks up, it's all our fault because, after all, we use oil. Expecting BP or Chevron to clean up its own mess is like expecting a baby to change its own diapers; and what kind of parents would we be if we did that?

Indeed, after eight years of extreme deregulation, the oil companies are like adolescents who have been left without supervision for too long. No wonder they've become delinquent in their responsibilities and howl in outrage at the slightest hint of discipline.

Babies and adolescents aren't allowed to vote or hold public office -- so maybe it's time to rethink the doctrine of corporate personhood. These companies are supposed to enjoy the Constitutional rights bestowed upon American citizens ... free speech, Fifth Amendment rights, way too much participation in the political process, etc.

The only reasonable course of action is to ground them like unruly children -- restrict their privileges until they show they can behave responsibly.

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