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Ragin' For A Good Cause


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College students have a lot of options during the summer: lounging by the pool, working full-time to pay for tuition, taking classes, interning at a law firm (maybe, say, Daddy’s) ---or even taking the first steps down the adventure path known as journalism by interning for an illustrious, local, independent alternative newspaper.

But what if your Facebook status was this: “Today, we rode bike 75 miles in the name of charity.” Instead of, say, “Road trip to Cali...dude! It rocks!”

That’s what these two members of the fraternity Pi Kappa Phi choose to do this summer, as opposed to practicing keg stand techniques or ‘scoping the local “talent.” Forget alternative spring break, how about an entire summer vacation raising awareness and money for people with disabilities?

These frat boys, in conjunction with Push America, are biking across the country, or as their brothers in Greek letters might say, the freakin’ country bro! Team Push America will be delivering their “message of hope” and spending time with those individuals for whom they ride, including a stop Saturday at Raging Waters in Salt Lake City. There, the Northern team—multiple groups from the fraternity are doing the ride—will be taking a day off from the road and spending time at Salt Lake’s own Raging Waters water park with individuals from the Lindon Care Center.

So, for those with a little time to support a good cause and beat the heat, why not spend Saturday afternoon giving these riders their props?  Take the kiddies, or your friends, down to Raging Waters, introduce them to some true role models and show them what philanthropy and giving back is all about, while enjoying the water slides and wave pool as well.

There are plenty of ways to spend a summer vacation—this guy offers one possibility, although maybe not a great one—but the guys from Pi Kappa Phi are doing something great and deserve a little respect for bringing a little awareness to an important cause.