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Utah Arts Fest: Wanna See Tunes? Get There Early



If you think you can just pop into the Utah Arts Festival just before some band you want to see is about to play, think again.---

I foolishly did just that on opening night, and ended up stuck in line and eventually giving up on trying to see the Cowboy Junkies. That's a great sign for the festival. Library Square was packed end to end Thursday, and especially so on the amphitheater stage where Michelle Shocked and Cowboy Junkies performed. 

It was easier to gather around the several other stages, to be sure, and drift among the artists' booths with a beverage to fight the rather torrid temperatures. That's another recommendation I'll make, besides arriving early to see your tunes of choice—grab a beer as soon as you arrive, lest you find yourself lost and looking for a beer stand at an inopportune time. Again, yes, speaking from personal experience.

Opening night also marked the first time I ever wanted an iPhone (sorry, Apple slaves); I forgot my handy little map and naturally got lost among all the action. The arts fest has an app for that, but not for my damn Blackberry, sadly.

The rest of the weekend at the festival has plenty of great music; I ran through the highlights here, like Friday night's Cadillac Sky (pictured) show on the Festival Stage at 9:45. Get thee to Library Square, and give yourself time to peruse all it has to offer.


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