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Farewell Jeanie's Smoke Shop



Chalk one up for the morality police. Utah’s oldest smoke shop is out of business tomorrow.---

Thanks to the 2010 Legislature’ tobacco tax hike, Jeanie’s Smoke Shop on 156 S. State will be out of business tomorrow rather than pay the $125,000 tax hike on their once massive inventory. Store owner Gary Klc has said he hasn't made any plans yet about whether or not to open another store.

There’s not much to say that hasn’t already been said about the Legislature’s wisdom--or lack thereof—in effectively forcing the smoke shop out of business for being too successful, so I just want to take this opportunity to say thanks to Jeanie’s. It was always a happy post-deadline tradition of mine to stroll from the CW’s Main Street digs, across the Gallivan and over to Jeanie’s to buy a Sancho Panza maduro.

A nice cigar, paired well with a contemplative Saturday or Sunday afternoon and a coffee and a good read. The staff have always been helpful to me and enjoying the vintage ambience of the store always made my little walk a great way to end a painful deadline day. God knows where I’ll get a cigar now--where the store’s inventory won’t be cluttered with “decorative” bongs, bubblers and blunt wraps.

If you stop by Jeanie’s now there may not be much tobacco left for the picking but it still couldn’t hurt to stop and say thanks and good luck to the friendly staff and owner Gary Klc.


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