Dust up at Taylorsville City Council meeting tonight? | Buzz Blog
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Dust up at Taylorsville City Council meeting tonight?


According to the mayor, a circus may erupt tonight as the Taylorsville City Council debates whether to restore wages to all employees who had their paychecks slashed--or just some of them--while simultaneously debating whether to give themselves a raise.---

Tonight at 6:30 p.m. the council will be voting on two proposals, one by the city's administration, which would restore salaries to 12 employees cut back to 2006 levels by a council vote on June 21st.

The other proposal, by Councilman Morris Pratt, would restore salaries to some of the staff, but not all. Pratt's proposal, however, also includes giving the council a specific paygrade--something they haven't had in the past. That paygrade means council members would receive a minimum $7,000 raise to their annual pay packet, which currently is $13,000.

Quite how Pratt and the two council members who support him came up with the pay grade escapes Mayor Russ Wall.

A bemused Wall, who has distanced himself from the council on this matter, says he will "sit back and smile" at the fireworks that will undoubtedly erupt tonight. He also says any or all of the 12 employees that don't get their salaries restored "have actionable causes against the city" and he would testify for them. 

I was unable to attend tonight since I have my daughters to look after. Wall laughs and says, "Bring the kids. It will be a circus."