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Warren the Ape: Bad Po Fo


Warren the Ape is the only worthwhile show on MTV anymore--hell, it might be the only worthwhile show on Monday nights, period (like America, I've given up on Fox's The Good Guys). ---

In last night's episode, Warren hooked up with a very Tarantino-ish director (Upright Citizen's Brigade's Matt Besser) who was going to "Travolta" the luckless ape's acting career with a hardboiled TV cop drama--very much against the wishes of his MTV handlers, who'd prefer him to remain a drunk, unemployed degenerate because the audience "loves the underdog." In the end, Warren refused to "let his actual comeback get cockblocked by his comeback reality show" and shot a pilot with costar Billy Crudup. Test audiences hated it, so Warren was replaced with ... Cory Feldman.

How did Warren come to the attention of this director in the first place? Because of of his brilliant work in the film Bad Po Fo, a Rambo/Death Wish mashup that shoulda been a hit. Watch the trailer and just try and deny Warren DeMontague his Oscar: